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Can You Use a Scanner to Fax?

It used to be that if you needed to fax something, you had to go out and purchase a dedicated fax machine. Can you use a scanner to fax? This is a question that many homeowners may ask themselves, especially in this day and age where everything seems to be going digital. The answer, surprisingly, … Read more

Why Does My Brother Scanner Have Lines?

If you’ve ever used a brother scanner, you may have noticed that your scan has horizontal or vertical lines running through it. You may have even wondered why this is the case. Black vertical lines can sometimes appear on the scanned images you make with a brother scanner. This is often caused by dirt, fingerprints, … Read more

Why Does my Scanner Have Lines?

Have you ever looked at a scanned image and noticed that it has weird lines running through it? If so, you’re not alone. Many people notice this issue, but don’t know what causes it or how to fix it. There can be many reasons why your scanner has lines. It could be a problem with … Read more

What Flatbed Scanners Work with Windows 10?

Flatbed scanners are very useful for sending images to another person. It is also useful for saving photos of a family in an electronic format.  Since the advent of Windows 10, some older scanners have been sidelined as they no longer connect to devices like the flatbed scanner. In some older flatbed scanners, connection to … Read more

Can I Scan Slides On My Flatbed Scanner?

Who doesn’t like a good photograph? Everyone does. In recent times, technology has evolved from viewing pictures in a book album to looking at pictures on slides. These days it is unusual seeing people looking at an offline photo album as online photo albums have replaced the conventional way of preserving images. With the help … Read more

How do flatbed scanners work

Flatbed scanners are incredible if you have a great deal of scanning to do. If your company is constantly scanning piles of reports, you can possibly look at a photocopy service to help you find the right document scanning solutions. In some ways, flatbed scanners operate similarly to older copiers. You place the document face … Read more