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Canon CanoScan Lide 220 Scanner Review

The Canon CanoScan Lide 220 scanner is a great product for document scanning. Automatically detect what you are scanning and adjust settings accordingly. Keep folders up to date with the easy time sync on your iPhone. Easily scan documents at home or in the office without being physically present. The Canon CanoScan Lide 220 Scanner … Read more

Canon LiDE 400 Colour Flatbed Scanner Review

Digital storage of the data is becoming increasingly popular and efficient nowadays.  Many record-keeping processes now include computers and data is stored on databases, not in huge outdated storage spaces like years ago. The data can be stored in a digital format for much longer than storing it physically.  What if you have valuable documentation and old … Read more

Canon LiDE 300 Review

The Canon LiDE 300 is a flatbed scanner equipped for digitising images and scanning very light documentation in home offices and co-working spaces. Although for the little difference in price between the LiDE 300 and the LiDE 400, you give up half the resolution, you get slightly quicker scans and the ability to stand it … Read more