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Epson Perfection V600 Scanner Review

The flatbed scanners are powerful and versatile. They will scan different sizes of documents and film, with the higher end scanners scanning everything from 35 mm to large format. They use advanced holders that flatten the film and recognize individually which kind of film you have on the scanning surface. In the case of Epson, … Read more

Canon LiDE 400 Colour Flatbed Scanner Review

Digital storage of the data is becoming increasingly popular and efficient nowadays.  Many record-keeping processes now include computers and data is stored on databases, not in huge outdated storage spaces like years ago. The data can be stored in a digital format for much longer than storing it physically.  What if you have valuable documentation and old … Read more

Brother ADS-2400N Document Scanner Review – PC Connected and Network

The ImageCenter’s Brother ADS-2400N Desktop Scanner with Gigabit Ethernet Networking provides advanced features for mid-to-large-sized workgroups that help streamline how documents are captured, handled, processed and distributed. Using the 50-page automatic document feeder, it scans single-and double-sided documents in a single cycle at speeds up to 30 ppm, making it ideal for scanning multi-page, multiple-sided … Read more

Canon LiDE 300 Review

The Canon LiDE 300 is a flatbed scanner equipped for digitising images and scanning very light documentation in home offices and co-working spaces. Although for the little difference in price between the LiDE 300 and the LiDE 400, you give up half the resolution, you get slightly quicker scans and the ability to stand it … Read more

Doxie Flip Scanner Review

The Doxie Flip is a compact flatbed scanner for absolute portability as it runs on batteries. Unlike many of the other compact portable scanners I have used in the past, this one doesn’t need you to move the scanner across the document that you would like to scan. The Doxie Flip was developed to be … Read more

Epson Perfection V39 Photo and Document Scanner Review

If you’ve managed to find a collection of old photographs and would like to ensure that all those moments live into the digital world, the Epson Perfection V39 is one of the simplest, quickest, and best value solutions that we have found to achieve that task. A compact size profile that effortlessly packs away when … Read more